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Workshop #2

Immersive and Responsive

Performative Architectural Design in Mixed Reality

Dates: 27-29 June

ECTS credits: 1,5

Duration: 2,5 days

Number of contact hours: 21

Maximum number of participants: 12


  • To acquire a general understanding of means to think and design within immersive environments.
  • To explore the design processes and tools for performative design and simulation-based design evaluation.
  • To learn about the types of immersive virtual environments and its relationship to architectural design and representation.
  • To comprehend the potentials and possible future uses of this technology.
  • To understand the workflow and relationship between what is physical and what is digital.
  • To prepare powerful presentations of 3D design models through walkthroughs, real time rendering engines and posters.


Mixed reality is expected to be the next advancement in human, computer and environment interactions and its envisaged capabilities of implementation in architecture is quite exciting. A brief overview of immersive environments and their current relationships between world of architecture will be presented and discussed. The developed mixed reality application for Microsoft HoloLens, its possibilities and capabilities will be introduced to participants.

Architectural design in an immersive virtual world will be explored by the creation of different architectural forms and buildings by using the developed application. The application’s deficiencies and advantages will be reviewed and evaluated by the participants. Output designs will be turned into physical models – via 3d printer –, so the gap between digital and physical worlds will be overcome.


Basic skills in Autodesk Revit is compulsory.

Knowledge in Unity fabrication is a plus.


June 27 (afternoon):

  • General introduction to virtual reality in architecture, its development, current and upcoming approaches. Basic introduction the tools, both existing and developed.

June 28 (whole day):

  • Lecture introducing the possibilities of BIM-based Mixed-reality in Architecture, education, construction and design data visualization.
  • The design of a simple building in Autodesk Revit.
  • The energy simulation of the model in Autodesk Insight
  • Exporting the model into Unity 3D and its visualisation in HoloLens
  • Critics, submission of architectural forms.

June 29 (whole day):

  • Filed trip to INESC-ID VR Lab
  • Introduction of additional methods of using the application professionally with BIM (Revit). Critics, starting up designing required building types in VR.
  • Final discussion of the workshop. Presentation of participants’ final design outputs.

If there is no quorum, the workshops will be cancelled.


İpek Gürsel Dino
İpek Gürsel DinoAssistant Professor
İpek is continuing her career as a full time lecturer at Middle East Technical University. She mainly focuses on computational design, performative architecture, parametric generative systems, virtual reality and BIM.
Şahin Akın
Şahin AkınMaster's Student
Şahin is continuing his master studies at Middle East Technical University. He focuses on performative architectural design in immersive environments and heritage BIM.
Rui de Klerk
Rui de KlerkPhd Candidate
Rui is an FCT Doctoral grantee (SFRH/BD/131386/2017) developing his research at the Design and Computation Group of Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa, combining semantic web techonologies with generative design systems to create semantic design systems.
José Nuno Beirão
José Nuno BeirãoProfessor
José is the head of the Design and Computation Group of Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa. His current research focuses on the combination of parametric systems with geographical databases applied to urban studies and urban design.
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